You’re on your way home after a long day at work, and all you can think about is getting home and taking off the uncomfortable shoes you’re wearing and putting on your favorite slippers.  Sweet Fido made your homecoming a little different than you had planned.   Seems he was bored when his best friend was gone all day and had to entertain himself.  He started with a little counter surfing, then decided to go on a field trip through all the trash cans.  You finally get everything cleaned up and go to put those comfortable slippers on.  That’s when you see from the corner of your eye a piece of fabric hanging out of you know whose drooling jowl.  Time for some boredom busters to keep your beloved counter surfing, dumpster diving, slipper snacker out of mischief!

Signs of boredom can include:

  • Barking/whining.
  • Chewing or other destructive behavior.
  • Digging.
  • Following you around when you’re home (Velcro dog). This may not always suggest boredom.  Fido might just love being with you constantly, but when he looks at you to entertain him all the time, he might be showing signs of boredom.

Idle paws sometimes lead to destructive behavior.  You can avoid problem behavior by providing your dog with something to do while you’re away.  Here are some ideas that might make your homecoming easier:

  • Employ a dog walker to exercise your dog daily. 4 Pets’ Sake will send an experienced, bonded and insured walker to your home for regularly scheduled visits.  Providing not only exercise but also treats, attention, and, of course, some cuddles while you’re gone.  This is our personal favorite for obvious reasons but we truly believe that exercise is the best way to keep your dog healthy and happy.
  • Leave a TV on and tuned to Animal Planet. He will enjoy hearing the sounds of dogs barking (even cats meowing) and It will stimulate your dog’s brain in a quiet house, keeping him from getting into mischief.
  • Leave a food-stuffed toy. Get a durable hollow toy like a Kong, mix your dog’s kibble with some peanut butter and stuff it to give it to him when you leave for work. If your cleaver fur baby gets good at emptying it fast, then try freezing it.  This makes it a little bit more of a challenge to get the goodies and will create stimulation for an extended period.
  • Open your curtains or blinds to a back window so your best friend can watch whatever is going on outside. He will enjoy the nature show maybe even better than Animal Planet!
  • Deer Antler Chews are packed with nutrition (make sure there are no dental issues with any chew). Dogs get protein and minerals from chewing on antlers.  Chewing is a natural stress reliever and most dogs find them irresistible.  They also have no odor, are non-messy and last a long time!  Don’t worry the antlers are naturally shed.  Make sure you select the appropriate size for your dog’s breed and chewing strength.

These are just a few boredom busters to keep his mind stimulated and paws busy!